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Camp kawau island Free write

Have you ever been to kawau island before. Guess what on the 15th of November the year 6 and me went to kawau island a really flash bus came to pick us up to take us to sand-pit. We stayed there for 3 nights. The bus ride took 1 or 2 hours to get there we put all of our gear and bags in side the bus.

I was so excited. I was at the back with all my friends we were all noisy. When we arrived to sand-spit we had something to eat. After when we finished eating we got our bags and put them in side of the boat. We all hoped into the boat and we were all on top of the bus. I saw the island I was so happy. The teachers told us that there will be a man and a lady who lives there. Their name is called Peter and Eren.

When we arrived to kawau we took all the bags of the boat and took them to the deck. we played a lot of event each days like bivouac,kayaking,sailing,rafting and alot more. But before we done all those fun things we set up our beds and our cabins and then took a hike up steep hills and lots of trees.. Every morning we had to walk up the steep hills and then have break fast. our 2nd to last day we played spot light in the dark. The teachers we in and the parent helpers the kids had to try and get to the deck with out getting caught.

We have groups. Katz,kawau,benson and mansion. I was in katz the last day at night we had a consert. Our Group teacher was Mrs Samules and Miss Parent. We came first and came first in our chant.

In the morning we had to pack up to go back to school.. When we were on the bus we went to sldeep and watched a movie the movie Jungle book. I was sad when I got back to school I wanted to go home.

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Quality Blog Commenting

WALT write quality blog comments

Pseudoscience Myth or Bust

WALT: show a developing understanding of ideas within, across, and beyond texts.

FOCUS:  Use our growing science knowledge when considering issues of concern.

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Dry Ice Experement

PES Olympics

Image result for canada flag wallpaperOn Thursday 13th of October our school had an Olympic event. The whole school was put into country groups. These are the country groups. Canada,South Africa,Brazil,Jamaica,Japan Fiji and Ireland. I was in Canada. Our first event was volleyball we were versing South Africa we lost. Volleyball was pretty hard for me but then i got the hang of it. When we finished volleyball we did all other events. Each country has to do 6 event each. Then the teachers gave us all colored plates of all the colors as the Olympic rings. The countrys had to stand on our school field and put the plates on our head to make the Olympic rings. The drone flew over us and caught all the footage Then miss Va'afusuanga says who is the winner. My team came 5th place Fiji came first. My favorite part was when we had to put the plates on our head.

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Text Summary

Today I read text called: Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation
Hello my name is charles and today I have read a text about Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation.
Using drugs in sports like the olympics is cheating. In the text I read is a good text to read about Zero Tolerance, Equality, The Torch and The Target. Zero Tolerance is one of the symbol in the text I read. It is all about helping athletes to understand the anti-doping rules and having Zero Tolerance for cheating in sport. Equality is another sign in the logo of the text I read that means integrity and fair playing. The equality sign is to help their community to protect equality
And fairness. The Torch. The torch is one of the important thing in the 2016 olympics. The torch symbol is to help their pledges to be a leader in sports. The target. The target is the symbol meaning focus. The target athletes has got their eyes on the New Zealand sports and drug free.

One of the things that I learnt is that I know what all the symbols mean in the logo.

I found interesting the most is the Target symbol. The Target symbol is interesting because
Fair playing is a very very good rule in sport and fair playing is not using drugs.

I am surprised that when I heard about the athletes keep their eyes on the New Zealand sports and not using drugs is amazing cause maybe that's why sometimes they won Medals.

I would really want to learn about the torch. The torch makes me feel happy sometimes because it looks so cool and interesting to learn about and because it’s important to the Olympics.

                                                                 Walt: find and use relevant parts of a text

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Bush Narrative

Titile: Bush walk
Orientation: Who, What, When, Why, How
Problem: They were lost
Solution:  Aunt Tom’s had a phone and rang family to help them.

On a breezy sunny day a family went out for a bush walk to Lake Waihonu. There was one little boy named Tom and three little girls named Latu, Skye and Sabrina.. They brought Tom’s Uncle and Latus Aunty so they won’t get lost. They have went on a bush walk because it was tom’s birthday.

Before they left they bring some lunch to eat and some water to drink. They have left their home and went of. They walked on a curved path. 25 minutes later tom started to get hungry. He said to his uncle “Uncle can I have a chicken sandwich please” Tom's uncle said “yes but wait till we get to that chair over there ok” “NO!!!!! I want it now,Tom shouted

Tom's uncle was holding the bag of food. Tom grabbed the bag and ran off with it. They ran and tried to catch Tom. Latus Aunty catched Tom and gave him a slap but then they have lost the curvy path sabrina said “No were lost” Skye and Sabrina started crying. Tom's uncle said “Stop crying were not lost”.

Latus Aunty remember that she brang a cell phone. She called the police to come and find them. The police came and found them with a helicopter. The helicopter came down and lift them into the helicopter. The police said “Hey what were you doing down there” Tom’s uncle said “We were going to Lake Waihonu” the police said
“It's ok we can take you there” “Thank you” said Tom's Uncle..

Finally they arrived to the lake and had some lunch. They stayed there for 2 hours then they went back to their house. Then they lived happily ever after. THE END

Walt: combine the tools we have learnt to write a narrative of our own.

My Olympic Animation

Charles OLYMPIC ANIMATION from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Hello my name is Charles and this is my animation about the 2016 summer olympics. I have picked an event called Javelin and i picked 3 country's witch is New Zealand, USA ams India. I hope you really liked my movie.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Muscle Fatigue

Today our class is learning about how do our muscles work and get tired. This is my work of What
Cause Muscle Fatigue and Ways to beat Muscles Fatigue.  One way to cause Muscle Fatigue is You will be dehydrates if we do not have enough water that means you body do not have enough water in your body.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sponser T-shirts

Hello this is my T-Shirt were I have to Design My T-Shirt with the sponsors that i choose in the Rio Olympics 2016. I only choosed one sponser which is Puma and Nike. Nike and Puma is my main sponser and also my sub sponser is nike and Puma. All together i get payed  $30,000. 

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


On a Hot sunny Thursday day, two boys named Jack and Jill are going to go out fishing with their dads They saw lots of seagulls diving into the sea catching fish to eat. Jack said, “Dad where the seagulls are diving that's where the fish are."

So they went where the seagulls are and caught some fish. But first they put on their life jackets to keep safe so they won’t drown.

They waited and waited to catch a fish. 10 minutes later Jill was missing and the boat was driving by itself. They went to the motor and It was Jill on the motor making the boat go they told him to get off. But then they were lost

Jill said “I'm so hungry."

They went to the kitchen in the boat and they forgot food.
They were so hungry Jack had an Idea Jack thought of something brilliant. He seen even more seagulls diving into the water and he remembered that where the seagulls are is where the fish is so they went to the seagulls and they cooked fish and ate it for their lunch.

They have gotten a  big snapper. Jill saw the snappers body and Jill said “That's a mummy fish it has babies in its stomach put that fish back in the water or it will not be able to lay it babes so other people can catch fish too" They watched the fish going into the water and it was dying. They forgot to hold it with a wet towel or it will die.

Jack and Jill saw birds flying into their bait and eating it. Jack and Jill's Dad was smacking the birds with sticks to get away it was hurting the birds. Jack had another brilliant idea to scare the birds away instead of hurting them. Jack got a bucket and filled it up with water and chucked the water at the birds and it didn’t hurt them at all the birds flew away.

The sun is going down and Jack and Jill's family haven't even found a way to go back to their home yet. They were still lost out sea. A helicopter came across the sea and saw them. The helicopter said Follow this rope and we will show you the way to land.

Finally they reached land and went back home. They all were talking about remembering to wear a life jacket and making sure if you want to find fish on a boat find seagulls and find fish hold fish with a wet towel. And chuck the big fish if they have babies back in the water. THE END

WALT: write a narrative including lessons learnt from Hiwi the Kiwi.

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Ratio Practice

Walt: compare whole numbers using ratios.


Advice Blog

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

Compound Sentences

1. I had to go down to the shop but it was too far to walk.

2. The Russian athletes were using drugs to win the 2012 Olympics so they are not allowed to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

3. Jonathan F. is going to eat a banana but there are ants in it.
Walt: recognise and craft compound sentences.

This is my compound sentences. The blue writing is mine and the red writing is the words that I put in so it makes a compound sentence. 

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My Olympic Mascot

Image result for Olympic Mascot
There is two Olympic Mascot. A Mascot is a person that represent something or someone that brings good luck. The Olympic mascot represents the Olympics. There is A Yellow one and a Blue one.The Yellow Mascot has three toes and is a mixture of the 2016 Olympic Torch colours. The blue Mascot has a lot of leafs on its head.

Walt: use colourful language to describe an object

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Olympic Torch

In the olympics there is a torch. The torch has five layers of colours. The top colour is light green like lime and the bottom colour is black. There are more colours like light blue, blue and dark blue as the night sky. The colours go around the torch sideways and the torch is silver. The flame goes on the top.

Walt: use colourful language to describe an object.

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Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Did you know we had a immersion assembly at Pt England School on Monday July 25th 2016? The students watched all the team teachers movies on the and on the stage of what their teams are learning about for this terms topic, We are the champions.

The whole School are learning about the Olympics In Rio. The Olympics start on August 5, - August 21, 2016. Some teachers were holding some stuff at the immersion assembly for our principal, Mr Burt he came back from around the world. Mr Jacobson was holding a camera Mrs Garden was holding a microphone and Mrs Nua has a make up bag.

Team 1,2,3,4 and 5 are all learning about the Olympics. Team 1 is learning about how the Olympics athletes Keep them Healthy and fit to win the Olympics. Team 2 is learning about different sports. Team 3 Is learning about Olympic Quizzes and Team 5 is learning about the Olympics competition.

The team I am in is team 4. Team 4 is learning about the All of the Olympics sports. I don't Know what exposed mean but I think it is like not using drugs and bad stuff and I don't know the rest but there's more about what we're learning about.

When the immersion assembly started I was excited for the teams to share what they're learning about this term. Team 5 was my favourite. They made me laugh. I am really looking forward to term 3. I want to create a animation about my chosen event from the Olympics, Javelin.

Walt: use graphic organisers to write a recount.

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Our School Art Gallery

This Term Our School Is learning about Art. Our School Topic is called As I see It. My team,Team 4 we are learning about comic things. A cool, amazing Comic artist came to our school Paul martin. We made are school Art gallery. I Saw a lot off art. I drawed a evil cupcake ruins parties. It was in a folder on a desk. I saw my comic superhero animation on the computers. Here is a photo of My art and team 4 Art.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Week 8 Term 2 problem solving.

Walt: add/sub fractions with uncommon denominators

Paul Martins vist

Has a comic artist been to your school before? On Wednesday the 22nd a special guest came to our school. PAUL MARTIN. We had a art day. He taught me how to sketch and draw better.

As a team He told us that he played for the chiefs. Paul Martin had to come to one of the classrooms the first class he came too is my class room 6. He Told us what should we pick out of background and how to draw anything else. I picked backgrounds. Sabrina gave me are pencil. I went off to a table and drew a background. I drawed space with the planets.  

The teachers had to pick 10 kids in a group to do a session with Paul and I was one of the kids that got chosen. He drawed a kiwi called Kory. Paul made Kory. Some people got his book I wasn't one of them that got a book. The book cost $15. After lunch he had to go. Thank you for coming Paul Martin we all thanked you for helping us and helping me draw better. THANK YOU I hope you come back soon.

WALT: Use capital letters and punctuation correctly.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Show Don't Tell

This Presentation Is about Me learning comics But Showing Don't Tell.
Walt: Paint a picture with our words.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Images tell a Story

WALT: use images to tell a story.

This is a Presentation of some pitchers and speach bubbles telling a story. I had to write what's happening 
In the story. 

Paul Martin

Walt: make connections across a range of texts.

This is a goggle drawing of Paul Martin Things about him. There is interesting fact about him too
I hope you like it.

Friday, 10 June 2016

My super hero animation

CHARLES SUPERHERO from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my super hero animation. I picked Bat Man because he has lots of gadgets to use. In my story a giant egg shaped rock landed on Earth. Out came giant evil robots which were destroying the Earth. Bat man has to save the world and the city from evil robots. I hope you like it.