Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Friday, 26 May 2017

Fun with the year 7's

For the last 3 days the year 7''s had lots of fun in the street. The street is like a big space in side our intermediate block.The year 8's has left to go to their leader ship camp. We all got sorted into 3 groups. We had to come up with our name a chant and a boy leader and a girl leader. The Group names are 'The Munchies, Churrys and Fobalicious.

We came up with our name and chant and our leaders. Our name was 'The Munchies' our boy leader was Tevita and our girl leader was Sabrina. After that we had a competition for who has the best chant. The Churrys won. Then we had a sing off and My team won. Then we had another sing off and we had a tie with the Churrys.

After the competitions we did our rotations. The rotations were in our classes. There were only 3 rotations. The first rotation my team did was art. It was preety tricky until I got help from my friends
but we never finished it on time when we had to pack up.

The next day my team got to do all of the rotations. The Next rotation my team went to was doing towers with marshmallows and dried long pasta I think. None of us got any points because we keep on smashing it down because we were frustrated. Then the next game was cupstacking it was so fun and my group won.

The next rotation we went to next was making truffles. truffles was the best rotation for me because we get to sneak and eat a little bit of the chocolate chips and eat the biscuits mixed with coco and condense milk it was so delicious. After that we rolled the mixed coco and the condense milk with the biscust into small balls and rolled it into the coconut sprinkles and put it into a tray for later for us to eat.

The last day we did cup challenges with all the other teams and lots of more games. My favorite part of the fun we had was playing all the games with my friends and making the truffles