Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas alphabet key

This Is my Christmas alphabet key. We are trying to find word that relates to Christmas.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


On the 1st of december class 9 went to league on the field. It was our last session so we get to play are big game. The game was could survival tag you can’t defend or run out of the square. But you can turn around, twist your hips and can’t jump. We had teams to.

The teams were white vs green. I was in the white team. Our couches was Paul and tof. They are very good at playing survival tag. When we started playing we had to be on one side. when they tof blows the whistle and then all of us started to take the tags off.

My team was the winner in the first round. We only play three rounds and we won all of the games. It started to rain so it was
over. We all had to say bye to paul and tof and shake hands.
and then we ran to class all souky and wet.

My favourite part in tag league was when we came first in
everything. I love league it is fun (:

Monday, 1 December 2014

Maths problem

Here is my maths problem that I had to solve. And it for you to.

New shoes for cloud

We are learning to use clues from the text and our prior knowledge to help our understanding of stories. 4. Explain why horses need shoes?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Auckland art gallery

P1 Last week friday We went to the art gallery In auckland city. We travelled by bus. When we arrived I was so excited. We had to sit outside”  the door and wait until the doors open”ed. We were early” Then some people came and some of their names were Maddy, Charlotte, Llynda These were the helpers

P2 I was in group 4 Mrs Jacobson she was with the helpers. When the helpers came out they had to sort out things with the teacher. When they were ready we were all cheering finally we can go inside. My group first session was the lego room. You could build anything “and” there were tall lego towers out all across the table and kid made it.

P3 Our second session was“in” the learning center. It was so colorful you could see your shadow and make shadow puppets in the light and on the walls. You could build colorful house too and look through magnifying glass. There was a robot thing that makes beeping noise.

P4 My favorite session was the learning center room. IT IS COLOR AWESOME.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Auckland art gallery quiz.

Here are some auckland art gallery questions. I hope You can Get them all right

1. How much money do you have to pay to go in the art gallery?
2.What level is the classroom found?
3. If you are in the classroom what direction are the toilets? N, S, W, or E?
4. If you are in the studio where is the cafe? N, S, W, or E?
5. What room is next to the room where you play with lego?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Rock"n' Roster

We are learning to use clues from the text to help us understand the story. Here is a picture of a hungry hen that I made. You can find the instructions in Junior Journal 29 on page 18 by Jane Buxton.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Last week on Friday Pt england school had athletics day.I was mataatua it is the  greenhouse here at school. The  whole school gathered to the hardcourt. Then Mr Burt Had to say the karakia for us. After the the karakia Miss Va’afusuaga dismissed us by groups The year 8 and 7 went first then all the other kids went too.

The year four boy were with miss Walters. Our first event was high jump Miss king was doing the high jump. She was telling us how to do it. The pole went higher and higher and higher I was so nervous that I couldn't make it but then I came 1st I was so amazed I felt like I wanted to do it again.

There was different kinds of house colors. Like matatua, Te Arawa, Tainui and takitimu. Our second event was sprinting. I didn't know what I came but
My heart was pounding. That was a hard race. We had to do discus next, that was boring because all you have to do was through a little thing that looks like a plate. I didn't like that.

Then we did javelin with Mr Barks. I was coming 3rd but then someone took my spot. I wanted to do it again. After we did sack race and tug of war. after that we got hungry so we had morning tea. And then we had softball through.
I came 3rd again and someone took my spot again and it finish I was sad.

My favourite part in athletic was high jump it was cool. I hope I get more better next year at athletics.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


We learning to identify personification. (Write down what personification means here in your own words).

The Strange Star

We are learning to use and find relevant parts of the text to answer questions accurately.When Papa first took Rosie to the beach at night, she didn't see any stars. Why? because it was foggy.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

listening and drawing exercise

Draw a squiggly line across on the bottom third of your page

Draw a straight line on the top third of your page

Draw a circle in the top left corner

Draw three clouds in the top third of your page

Draw a bucket underneath the squiggly line of the left

Draw an umbrella on the right of the bucket

Draw a boy wearing shorts and a tshirt in the middle on the bottom of your page

Draw another boy on the right next to the first boy you’ve drawn

Draw a beach ball in the middle of the two boys

Write your name in the top right corner

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


We are learning to find and use relevant parts of the text to answer questions accurately.2. What does the latin word

Thursday, 16 October 2014

leonardo da vinci

Have you heard of leonardo da vinci? Well he is the most talented artists in the world. He died on May 2, 1519 in Amboise, kingdom France. He lived in italy.
He was born on April the 1452 in vinci Italy. I really want to know more about him.

punctuation are holiday paragraph.

We are trying to punctuate are paragraph about the holidays. I hope that I got the correct things In this holiday paragraph.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Art attack

Our inquiry this term is called "Art attack ". Here is my title card 
and three questions that I hope to find answers for.

1.What does being an expressionist artist mean?
2. What is cubism?
3. What do artists do when they make a mistake with paint?

How do I spend my time in one week

This graph is showing how much time we spent doing these activities.We used examples from children
in our class. We used multiplication and addition to work out how many minutes we spent doing each activities. Here is our class example.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Auckland museum trip

Have you been to the Auckland museum? Class 9, 10 and some of year 6s “Travelled” to the museum. We went on the bus. All of us went to the museum so We know what maori people eat what tool’s do they use and some of some more maori information.  Some of the parents went with us to.

When we arrived to the museum we had a little snack before we have to go inside we had to learn our powhiri. When we went inside the museum i saw lots of things. We had our own groups. But first we went in a marae. We were learning to find tool to
kill animals that what maori people ate a long time ago.

After we needed to go toilet. Then we get to go and eat lunch. We needed to get some air so we went on the grass. and play. I was playing touch, rugby, octopus and midnight with all of my friends. I started to roll down the mountain it was funny.
I climbed up the tree to and looked at all of the kids. I tipped lots of water on me because I was hot.

Then I was so happy because we get to go back in the museum. I was In miss lavakula group. first we went to the  winter garden it was scary because there was ugly bugs. After we went to sea creatures things I saw sharks, fish and dolphins. I saw a tree house and we went inside and a gorilla was staring at me It was creepy. Then we saw are big volcano and it looked real there was lava coming out.

We went inside the volcano room it was fun. We were waiting for the volcano to erupt the news came on and telling us when it is going to erupt. White steam was on the water and rising. Then lots of grey smoke and black smoke was coming out of the
water. It was shaking in the room. Black smoke came In front of all of the houses and
bust it down.

The whole room turned black then it went away. all of the houses turned white. In the water was just a volcano poking out of the water lava was pouring out and lots of smoke. I was sad because we had to go back to school. My favourite part at the museum was when we were in the volcano room. I wish we can go there again.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Game on Cook island.

 This after noon we were learning about game on. and different country's

My Rubric commonwealth Games Event

Here is my mark that I think I deserve. I think I worked really hard on this term's animation. Next term my goal is toget a better mark.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Cook island

This after noon we were learning about different country in Oceania.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tabitha and sewing

Today in C.R.E we were talking about Tabitha. Tabitha used the skills God had give her. is she wants to bless people she dose sewing. After we were talking about her we were sewing. it was cool. My favourite part in C.R.E is when we were sewing. 

Don't get tired of helping people others.... we should help people whenever we can.
  Galatians chapter 6 verses 9 and 10

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Cross country

On the 11th of September we had cross country. It was a warm sunny day. When I was lining up on the starting line i felt nerves. Mr Burt said our feet had to be together. Mr Burt said “Ready set, Go!’ All of the year 4 boys was sprinting so fast. We had to run around the cones through the gate and pass the teachers Who were marshalls.

 We had to run half of course. Once I saw the finish line in the distance I exited the gate and lots of Senior were cheering for me. If I needed to go past the finish line i needed to go through the senior park. My Mum and Dad were there too. I was thirsty for water.

finally I was finish Now I can have a drink of water. I came 7th but thats OK I was trying my best. I forgot to tell you that Our school was divided into house colors. The colors are Matatua (Green), Tainui (Blue), Te aroa (Red) and Takitimu (Yellow). We took a class photo after cross country. My favourite part in Cross country is when I was Running.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


This after noon we were learning about compliment people an something about us and what we are good at.

Friday, 5 September 2014

World’s Water Running Out

World leaders are gathering in Washington today to discuss. The worsening water crisis. "Water may soon need to be rationed," Said US President Amelia Topp If we Carry On wasting It There simply won’t be enough to go round.

world leaders are gathering in washington today to discuss the worsening water crisis water may soon need to be rationed said us president amelia topp if we carry on wasting it there simply won’t be enough to go round

Here is my paragraph. Look and see where I have put the correct punctuation marks.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fronting the show

My group the Buzzy Bees read an article called Fronting the Show by Liz Oakes. We are learning to identify key words and main ideas in the text.

Fronting the show

 My group the Buzzy Bees read an article called Fronting the Show by Liz Oakes. We are learning to identify key words and main ideas in the text.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Africa facts

Africa is a continent  and it has the second largest population in the world. It is made out of many countries and have many different coulters.
its climate ranges from tropical to subarctic. The main sources of food are  
rice, vegetable, eggs and beans. Africa also have wildlife which includes
elephant, lions, camels and giraffes.  

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Wild Orphans

a). A place where orphans live because they have no living parents diet.

b). A person or group of persons who hunt and kill animals for food, sport or money orphanage.

c). A deer like mammal with long legs and horns antelope

d). Found out about formula

e). Defend from trouble, harm or loss. Continue to live or exist after a difficult experience

g). Not tame or domesticated calves.

h). Baby elephants orphans.

i). Food that a person or animal regularly eats diets.

j). A milk powder substance mixed with water for animals or babies to drink

1. What other animals apart from elephants are at the Tsavo National Park?
hippos, lions, rhinos, elephants, and antelopes.  

2. How do baby elephants become orphans?
there mothers die.

3. How long does it take for elephants to become an adult elephant?
3 years.

4. Why is it important to pick up a baby elephant that’s been orphaned quickly?
because they might die they might die because they will have no food

Friday, 29 August 2014

My African research

Have you been to Africa? In africa there are lots of countries like
Egypt, Zambia, and Madagascar. Did you know Africa is the second
highest populated country in the world? Some foods they eat are
Green bananas, zebras and crocodiles.There are 1.111 billion
In africa it is very very hot there is no rain just sun. From africa all the way to New zealand it takes 13,156 km all the way to africa to New zealand. African language has lot of languages.

I want to go to africa because we are talking
about it and Its sounds so cool.   

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Monday, 25 August 2014

My writing

Once there was a sneaky cantaloupe that was at home then the sneaky cantaloupe
was looking at his lottery tickets and he really wanted to win the lottery. Then the
sneaky cantaloupe felt hungry so he went to the kinchin and made him some cheese

When he was full the sneaky cantaloupe heard the t.v and on the t.v was the lottery channel
and the sneaky cantaloupe got his lottery tickets out and the people on the lottery channel
was saying the sneaky cantaloupe number out and he was so happy.

  When he was happy he went to the shops and got his money and he brought him a New house, a New car, And a lots of other things he had lots of money like 1,0002000 and when all
of that money was gone he felt very sad then he thought of a bad idea he went on to the streets and went into other people's house and stole money in the houses and ran back home the at home the polices came to his house and told him to give the money back. The End

Friday, 22 August 2014

Punctuating Sports Paragraph

Some sports are in the commonwealth games and there is different kinds of sports games like Netball,
Rugby, Hockey and of course table tennis.

Why the crocodile has no tongue

This story is about A crocodile that has no tongue Fox went to Crocodile to ask if she can borrow his tongue Fox wanted Crocodile’s tongue because She can have a beautiful voice and His tongue was ugly and small. Crocodile agreed but only if he would give it back. Fox sang at the wedding and she had a beautiful voice. She never gave crocodile tongue back because she stilled wanted a beautiful voice and that’s why fox never gave it back I think the moral of the story is give things back when you ask them for something. We are learning to think about what the author is trying to tell us in the story.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Edward Hilliery

Today in C.R.E we were learning about Edward Hilliery. He was the first man the that climed the highest mounten couled mouunt Everest And his whiff and daurta went on a plane and the plane crashed and they died. Edward Hilliery went to lots of places he went to the north island, Auckland, England
And China. My favourite part in C.R.E is when we have to biled a big tower with the logos. I love C.R.E.  We are learning to make good choices.good choices
I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Charpter 1 verse 9.

Monday, 18 August 2014

The spider who wanted spots

Why did the spider want spots? so she can be beautiful
Why did the spider run away from the bird and the dragonfly? Because they might eat the spider.
What were the bird, dragonfly and lizard trying to do to spider? eat it.
What does foolish mean? silly
Why did ladybird think that spider was foolish? because the spider can’t  get any spots. 
The moral of the story is to be grateful for what you have. Here are some things that I am grateful for.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Boxing at the Commonwealth Games.

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Boxing is a course sport in the commonwealth games which started in 1930. Competitor are grouped according to their weight divisions. These divisions into 13 different categories from light fly weight to super heavyweight. This year was the first year for females
to compete.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Being a role mottle

Today in C.R.E we learned how to bounce a balloon on us but we can't touch the balloon our hands.And we were talking about Wynton rufer he is a All white football team. Wynton rufer is a roll mottle sometimes ge is not a good roll mottle. He is a very cool football player.
Work hard at whatever you do...
 Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 verse 10.

My New Zealand coomonwealth Athaleat.

Paul coll is a New zealand athlete. He is representing  
New zealand in squash. He is 22 years old and came from
Greymouth. His P.E. teacher inspired him to take up his
sport. He began to play sports when he was 6. His parents
introduced him into sports.

Punctuating a paragraph

“Go yelled Dad. He was yelling at the T.V while watching The boxing during The Commonwealth Games. He Was Watching very intensely David Nyika looked strong BOOM ! His opponent was knocked to the ground “Hooraywe all Shouted. David won a gold and he is a champion Wow I Thought I want to be a boxer when I grow up.

Monday, 4 August 2014

New zealand at the commonwealth games.

Anton cooper
And the New zealand flag

So far New Zealand have 11 gold 9 silver and  11 bronze. The total medals they have are 27. They are currently sitting at 5th on the medal table just under Scottland. One person that won Gold is Warren potent for shooting. A different person that won Silver is for Daniel william. And for Mandy boyd won Bronze.

The 2014  Commonwealth Games started on 23 july and will finish on 3 August.
My favourite sport in the Commonwealth Games is gymnastics. New Zealand  athletes are competing in scotland and. One of the athletes in the New Zealand team that is taking part in the Games is in New zealand.