Friday, 14 October 2016

Dry Ice Experement

PES Olympics

Image result for canada flag wallpaperOn Thursday 13th of October our school had an Olympic event. The whole school was put into country groups. These are the country groups. Canada,South Africa,Brazil,Jamaica,Japan Fiji and Ireland. I was in Canada. Our first event was volleyball we were versing South Africa we lost. Volleyball was pretty hard for me but then i got the hang of it. When we finished volleyball we did all other events. Each country has to do 6 event each. Then the teachers gave us all colored plates of all the colors as the Olympic rings. The countrys had to stand on our school field and put the plates on our head to make the Olympic rings. The drone flew over us and caught all the footage Then miss Va'afusuanga says who is the winner. My team came 5th place Fiji came first. My favorite part was when we had to put the plates on our head.