Friday, 30 October 2015

Nember patterns

 we need know our timetable,division,takeaway and additions and number patterns 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

NZ Native Animal Report

An example of a New Zealand native animal is the Kiwi. Did you know that the New Zealand rugby team is called the all blacks which is the kiwis?

A kiwi has there nose on the end of their long beaks.They have a big furry coat on their body to keep them warm during the winter. They use their beaks to find an eat insect. Their little feet help them walk on difficult floor. They also have strong legs.

Image result for animal kiwiThe kiwi can live in many places.They especially like the wetland and vegetation. Vegetation means where are place where there's lots of plants where animal can live. They are found in scrub and rough farmland,exotic plantation forest,sand dunes and snowy tussocks, even mangroves.

Kiwis are omnivores. Omnivores mean animals that eat plants and and veggies They eat spider,snail,weta,earthworms,caterpillar and beetles.The kiwi predators are cats,dogs,stoats,ferrets,pigs,wild rats and possums.

All kiwis are endangered. Which means you can’t keep it as a pet. They are also harmless.Kiwis are flightless which means it can’t fly. Kiwis can live up to 20-30 years.Kiwis are also nocturnals. Which means
they come out in the night time and sleep in the day time.

Interesting facts:
The kiwis is New Zealand national bird.Every week a kiwi dies.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Tui in a Tree

Today we read a book could tui in a tree. The tui wouldent share his tree with other birds.

WALT: Read with fluency

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Face to face with a tuatara

WALT: read and understand new facts about the Tuatara


Guess what? In the holidays I went over Josh's house for a sleepover.When he picked me up from my house with his mum, we went to Burger King for lunch.

When we got to Josh’s house we played guns and played american football. We had to have dinner so Josh’s mum went to get two pastry for pizza. We made our own pizza. On top of my pizza was tomato paste,cheese, bacon and chicken.

The next day I woke up nice and early. It was a sunny day to go out. Josh’s Nana said we can go to the movies Yay! But then we couldn't go because Josh’s papa wanted to watch the rugby world cup games so the nana gave us ten dollars each.So we went to the shops and brought us lots of goodies.

Josh’s mum said we can go to the movies until she comes back from work. When she came back we straight away went into the car. Me and Josh said “what movie are we going to watch” she said “born to dance”

Today was the last day  I had to go back home. I had a lot of fun with Josh. Before I left Me and Josh went outside to play with his puppy It was a girl. Now I had to go. I said to Josh “bye I will see you at school”My favourite time at Josh’s is when we went to the movies.