Monday, 10 April 2017

A Special Place in my community

A Special Place in my community

I live in Glen innes. A special place in my community is the Pt england reserve. The pt england reserve is special to me because we have a lot of special things that happen down there like concerts,movie in the park, Triathlons and Sports and also my school we get to have a school picnic and welcome cool visitors.

Sometimes Me and my family go down there for family days. Me and my brother always play rugby on the big field next to our kazy bows. Theres also a park down there where my little brother and  little sister play tag. I like the the name of the reserve ‘Pt england’ Because it is named after the school I go to.

There's a little farm there as well with cows and horses. There’s also a long bush walk for families. But the best thing about it that there's a beach. It’s called Pt england beach. One time all the manaiakalani schools all came down and sat on the grass while welcoming four wakas Hokulea,Hikianalia,Te Aurere and Hine moana. They a hawaiian waka’s that travel around the world.

For our athletics house colours we named them after the hawaiian wakas. Blue is Hine moana,green is Hokulea,yellow is Hikianalia and red is Te Aurere. I really like that reserve the only thing I don't want to happen to don't let the government build houses on the Pt england reserve.


Friday, 7 April 2017


Hello this is my Presentation about Place Value Decimals. I Am learning to 3 decimal Places