Friday, 22 September 2017

Making a Film

Have you ever tried a blind fold taste test before? Well for the past few weeks room 4 done a blind fold taste test. Our teacher 'Mrs Judd' filmed us in 3's tasting different kinds of Asian food. 

Joining me when it was our turn was my friends Wesley and Revival. We were so nervous and thinking of what we were going to get."Blind folds on" said Mrs Judd. We put our blind folds on and waited for our first thing to eat.

The first thing we had was actually not something to eat it was a drink a melon flavored drink. Revivals thought on the drink that the flavor was rock melon I had the same thought as Revival as well. Wesley's thought of what flavor it is was Bubble gum flavored.  

The second food we tried was taro jelly at first we thought it was melon again but when Mrs Judd told us that it was taro we were surprised. We had tried 5 things and there was one I liked to eat and one I really didn't like. 

There is a little bit info of the food Me, Revival and Wesley tried. I don't want to give out to much info because we also filmed it for the maniakalani film festival and the maniakalani cluster which is all the maniakalani schools. There is 1 suprise Mrs Judd gave us but you will have to watch our maniakalani film if you want to know. 

Hope you enjoy reading my post about when we tried the blind fold taste test. Tell me in the comments if you have tried that test before.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I wonder Animation


Hello and this is my 'I wonder animation' This animation is about one of my space I wonder question which is 'I Wonder How are stars made' Watch my animation to see what happens. My Question to you's is What is your I wonder question about space? I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


WALT -  Identify and uses tenths to make numbers

This weeks work we are focusing on tenths and read range of graphs. It was quite difficult for me but I got threw it with my brain. So please leave a comment and tell me what you think