Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Text Summary

Today I read text called: Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation
Hello my name is charles and today I have read a text about Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation.
Using drugs in sports like the olympics is cheating. In the text I read is a good text to read about Zero Tolerance, Equality, The Torch and The Target. Zero Tolerance is one of the symbol in the text I read. It is all about helping athletes to understand the anti-doping rules and having Zero Tolerance for cheating in sport. Equality is another sign in the logo of the text I read that means integrity and fair playing. The equality sign is to help their community to protect equality
And fairness. The Torch. The torch is one of the important thing in the 2016 olympics. The torch symbol is to help their pledges to be a leader in sports. The target. The target is the symbol meaning focus. The target athletes has got their eyes on the New Zealand sports and drug free.

One of the things that I learnt is that I know what all the symbols mean in the logo.

I found interesting the most is the Target symbol. The Target symbol is interesting because
Fair playing is a very very good rule in sport and fair playing is not using drugs.

I am surprised that when I heard about the athletes keep their eyes on the New Zealand sports and not using drugs is amazing cause maybe that's why sometimes they won Medals.

I would really want to learn about the torch. The torch makes me feel happy sometimes because it looks so cool and interesting to learn about and because it’s important to the Olympics.

                                                                 Walt: find and use relevant parts of a text

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