Friday, 15 May 2015

The chocolate game

Have you played the chocolate game before? on the 12th of may our literacy class sat in a large circle and we played the chocolate game.
it was fun.

This is how you play the chocolate game. first everyone has to sit in a large circle. One person rolls the dice and try land it on a 6 if you roll a six you quickly put on 5 accessories a 1 clothing. if you don’t
you pass the dice on to the next person.

I had three turns. On my first go when I rolled a 6, I was shy because I had to stand in front of everyone. but on my second turn I didn't feel shy anymore on my third turn I was feeling happy I put on glasses on top of my glasses and are black hat It was so frustrating putting on the glasses. I put the on my glasses. It was hard

We were being so quick so we could have lots of turns I went so fast
so I can try get a piece of delicious chocolate. On the clock was only 10 mins on the clock until the games was is finish.  

I like the chocolate game it so fun to play and You should try and play the game with your class.

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