Friday, 17 March 2017

2017 ASB Polyfest Highlight

Have you you ever went to ASB Polyfest Before? On thursday the 16th of march 2017 the whole block of year 7 and 8 went to the ASB Polyfest in manukau. We travelled by bus. In the bus me and my friend ‘kaharau’. We were chewing bubble gum from my other friend ‘Kei’ and saying Jokes.

Image result for polyfest 2017When we arrived I was so excited. When I walked out of the bus door I also saw other schools. First we had to wait on the grass to wait for some more schools to arrived. While we were waiting me and kaharau were talking.

When we get to go we went to the free stores. After that we get to go in our small groups and we get to go wherever we want to go. I played a game where you have to get a dart and throw it at balloons. If you pop more than 3 balloons then you get a water bottle If you pop 5 balloons you get a T-shirt But if you pop 1 or 2 balloons you get a band and a thing to put you card in.  

After going to the games my friend Eva gave me 2 dollars for me to buy a ice cream. Then we had lunch I ate fruit sticks and chocolate cake and I drank my water. It was yummy

Then we get to check out more stores and stages. Then we had to go. My favourite part of polyfest was playing with my friends,going to different stores and eating.

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  1. Hi Charles

    Polyfest! You were very lucky to go. I enjoyed reading about your highlights from Polyfest. I thought that Eva was very kind to lend you money to buy something. She sounds like a nice friend to have. Well done you for making the most of the trip and taking part in the free activities.