Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Art Term 4

In the last 3 weeks team 5 did rotations everyday to each class in team 5. Each student had to do a different piece of art. This is my art from room 5 and we had to do a mural or a type of graffiti from lady pink. Enjoy (:

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Monday, 15 October 2018

Mona Lisa

This is my start on the Mona Lisa panting. I tried my best (:

Mona Lisa is actually a guy. 
Mona Lisa panting was stolen and everyone thought it was the famous artist Pablo Picasso.
Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo De Vinchi 
The Mona Lisa painting is around worth $800 Million
The Mona Lisa painting  is 500 years old.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Cross Country Recount

I woke up on Friday the 21st and realized that we have our school cross country I was excited. I went to go find my green t-shirt to wear while I run to support my house team.

I arrive at school and I am ready for the big event. Before lunch we get changed into our
cross country gear then after lunch we get ready for cross country. Everybody lines up
out on the school courts and is waiting for their team to run.

The year 7 and 8’s do two laps and is 3 km long. After the year 8 girls start to run the
year 8 boys get ready to line up on the start line. As I was waiting for Mr Burts signal
so we could run I could hear the roaring crowd pounding in my ears, I took a deep
breath and just focused on Mr Burt. I could feel my tummy twist and turn in different
directions and could feel butterflies flying everywhere inside me.

On your marks, Get set, Go!!! I ran with a slow steady pace to start as we had to
do 2 laps, the crowd was going wild, the cheering of the students gave me more encouragement to run more and to make sure to cross the finish line. When I was on
my second lap I was gasping for air and my lungs were burning as if it was poisoned.

I crossed the finish line with 7th place being very exhausted and felt like a champion.
Everyone congratulated me with handshakes and hugs. I was so proud of myself and
everyone else too.

Today I had to learn how to write a recount. The topic we had to day was to write about our school cross country. Check out my writing and tell me what you think.