Wednesday, 31 August 2016


On a Hot sunny Thursday day, two boys named Jack and Jill are going to go out fishing with their dads They saw lots of seagulls diving into the sea catching fish to eat. Jack said, “Dad where the seagulls are diving that's where the fish are."

So they went where the seagulls are and caught some fish. But first they put on their life jackets to keep safe so they won’t drown.

They waited and waited to catch a fish. 10 minutes later Jill was missing and the boat was driving by itself. They went to the motor and It was Jill on the motor making the boat go they told him to get off. But then they were lost

Jill said “I'm so hungry."

They went to the kitchen in the boat and they forgot food.
They were so hungry Jack had an Idea Jack thought of something brilliant. He seen even more seagulls diving into the water and he remembered that where the seagulls are is where the fish is so they went to the seagulls and they cooked fish and ate it for their lunch.

They have gotten a  big snapper. Jill saw the snappers body and Jill said “That's a mummy fish it has babies in its stomach put that fish back in the water or it will not be able to lay it babes so other people can catch fish too" They watched the fish going into the water and it was dying. They forgot to hold it with a wet towel or it will die.

Jack and Jill saw birds flying into their bait and eating it. Jack and Jill's Dad was smacking the birds with sticks to get away it was hurting the birds. Jack had another brilliant idea to scare the birds away instead of hurting them. Jack got a bucket and filled it up with water and chucked the water at the birds and it didn’t hurt them at all the birds flew away.

The sun is going down and Jack and Jill's family haven't even found a way to go back to their home yet. They were still lost out sea. A helicopter came across the sea and saw them. The helicopter said Follow this rope and we will show you the way to land.

Finally they reached land and went back home. They all were talking about remembering to wear a life jacket and making sure if you want to find fish on a boat find seagulls and find fish hold fish with a wet towel. And chuck the big fish if they have babies back in the water. THE END

WALT: write a narrative including lessons learnt from Hiwi the Kiwi.

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  1. Nice job Charles! I really enjoyed working with you to add the correct speech punctuation to the beginning of your story.