Thursday, 25 September 2014

Auckland museum trip

Have you been to the Auckland museum? Class 9, 10 and some of year 6s “Travelled” to the museum. We went on the bus. All of us went to the museum so We know what maori people eat what tool’s do they use and some of some more maori information.  Some of the parents went with us to.

When we arrived to the museum we had a little snack before we have to go inside we had to learn our powhiri. When we went inside the museum i saw lots of things. We had our own groups. But first we went in a marae. We were learning to find tool to
kill animals that what maori people ate a long time ago.

After we needed to go toilet. Then we get to go and eat lunch. We needed to get some air so we went on the grass. and play. I was playing touch, rugby, octopus and midnight with all of my friends. I started to roll down the mountain it was funny.
I climbed up the tree to and looked at all of the kids. I tipped lots of water on me because I was hot.

Then I was so happy because we get to go back in the museum. I was In miss lavakula group. first we went to the  winter garden it was scary because there was ugly bugs. After we went to sea creatures things I saw sharks, fish and dolphins. I saw a tree house and we went inside and a gorilla was staring at me It was creepy. Then we saw are big volcano and it looked real there was lava coming out.

We went inside the volcano room it was fun. We were waiting for the volcano to erupt the news came on and telling us when it is going to erupt. White steam was on the water and rising. Then lots of grey smoke and black smoke was coming out of the
water. It was shaking in the room. Black smoke came In front of all of the houses and
bust it down.

The whole room turned black then it went away. all of the houses turned white. In the water was just a volcano poking out of the water lava was pouring out and lots of smoke. I was sad because we had to go back to school. My favourite part at the museum was when we were in the volcano room. I wish we can go there again.

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