Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My holiday writing

Have you been to orewa beach. In the weekend on April the 7th I went to orewa beach with my family. We all packed a lot of stuff in our car for us. We all wanted to go there because we wanted to see other family we haven’t seen for long.

When we go there we had to have lunch first before we go and have a swim. Me and my little brother wrest our stomach or we will feel sore. Well me and my brother was wresting me and him were saying hilarious jokes. When we were saying hilarious jokes my mum came in and she said we could have a swim.

The next week of the holidays I went to Mount Wellington with my dad. Me and him stay there only for a bit because we had to go home and have dinner. We are having burgers and deep fried chips. On the mountain we walk around the crater it was scary.

I love my holidays. My favourite week of the holidays was when we went to orewa beach. Next holiday I hope I will go to Australia.

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  1. I haven't been to Orewa beach but I heard from other people that have been there that it's a very nice beach. Sounds like you enjoyed your holiday Charles!