Thursday, 27 November 2014

Auckland art gallery

P1 Last week friday We went to the art gallery In auckland city. We travelled by bus. When we arrived I was so excited. We had to sit outside”  the door and wait until the doors open”ed. We were early” Then some people came and some of their names were Maddy, Charlotte, Llynda These were the helpers

P2 I was in group 4 Mrs Jacobson she was with the helpers. When the helpers came out they had to sort out things with the teacher. When they were ready we were all cheering finally we can go inside. My group first session was the lego room. You could build anything “and” there were tall lego towers out all across the table and kid made it.

P3 Our second session was“in” the learning center. It was so colorful you could see your shadow and make shadow puppets in the light and on the walls. You could build colorful house too and look through magnifying glass. There was a robot thing that makes beeping noise.

P4 My favorite session was the learning center room. IT IS COLOR AWESOME.

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