Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Last week on Friday Pt england school had athletics day.I was mataatua it is the  greenhouse here at school. The  whole school gathered to the hardcourt. Then Mr Burt Had to say the karakia for us. After the the karakia Miss Va’afusuaga dismissed us by groups The year 8 and 7 went first then all the other kids went too.

The year four boy were with miss Walters. Our first event was high jump Miss king was doing the high jump. She was telling us how to do it. The pole went higher and higher and higher I was so nervous that I couldn't make it but then I came 1st I was so amazed I felt like I wanted to do it again.

There was different kinds of house colors. Like matatua, Te Arawa, Tainui and takitimu. Our second event was sprinting. I didn't know what I came but
My heart was pounding. That was a hard race. We had to do discus next, that was boring because all you have to do was through a little thing that looks like a plate. I didn't like that.

Then we did javelin with Mr Barks. I was coming 3rd but then someone took my spot. I wanted to do it again. After we did sack race and tug of war. after that we got hungry so we had morning tea. And then we had softball through.
I came 3rd again and someone took my spot again and it finish I was sad.

My favourite part in athletic was high jump it was cool. I hope I get more better next year at athletics.

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