Monday, 25 August 2014

My writing

Once there was a sneaky cantaloupe that was at home then the sneaky cantaloupe
was looking at his lottery tickets and he really wanted to win the lottery. Then the
sneaky cantaloupe felt hungry so he went to the kinchin and made him some cheese

When he was full the sneaky cantaloupe heard the t.v and on the t.v was the lottery channel
and the sneaky cantaloupe got his lottery tickets out and the people on the lottery channel
was saying the sneaky cantaloupe number out and he was so happy.

  When he was happy he went to the shops and got his money and he brought him a New house, a New car, And a lots of other things he had lots of money like 1,0002000 and when all
of that money was gone he felt very sad then he thought of a bad idea he went on to the streets and went into other people's house and stole money in the houses and ran back home the at home the polices came to his house and told him to give the money back. The End

1 comment:

  1. What a neat story about a cantaloupe, Charles. I'm impressed that you wrote this without any help. Great job!