Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Camp kawau island Free write

Have you ever been to kawau island before. Guess what on the 15th of November the year 6 and me went to kawau island a really flash bus came to pick us up to take us to sand-pit. We stayed there for 3 nights. The bus ride took 1 or 2 hours to get there we put all of our gear and bags in side the bus.

I was so excited. I was at the back with all my friends we were all noisy. When we arrived to sand-spit we had something to eat. After when we finished eating we got our bags and put them in side of the boat. We all hoped into the boat and we were all on top of the bus. I saw the island I was so happy. The teachers told us that there will be a man and a lady who lives there. Their name is called Peter and Eren.

When we arrived to kawau we took all the bags of the boat and took them to the deck. we played a lot of event each days like bivouac,kayaking,sailing,rafting and alot more. But before we done all those fun things we set up our beds and our cabins and then took a hike up steep hills and lots of trees.. Every morning we had to walk up the steep hills and then have break fast. our 2nd to last day we played spot light in the dark. The teachers we in and the parent helpers the kids had to try and get to the deck with out getting caught.

We have groups. Katz,kawau,benson and mansion. I was in katz the last day at night we had a consert. Our Group teacher was Mrs Samules and Miss Parent. We came first and came first in our chant.

In the morning we had to pack up to go back to school.. When we were on the bus we went to sldeep and watched a movie the movie Jungle book. I was sad when I got back to school I wanted to go home.

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