Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bush Narrative

Titile: Bush walk
Orientation: Who, What, When, Why, How
Problem: They were lost
Solution:  Aunt Tom’s had a phone and rang family to help them.

On a breezy sunny day a family went out for a bush walk to Lake Waihonu. There was one little boy named Tom and three little girls named Latu, Skye and Sabrina.. They brought Tom’s Uncle and Latus Aunty so they won’t get lost. They have went on a bush walk because it was tom’s birthday.

Before they left they bring some lunch to eat and some water to drink. They have left their home and went of. They walked on a curved path. 25 minutes later tom started to get hungry. He said to his uncle “Uncle can I have a chicken sandwich please” Tom's uncle said “yes but wait till we get to that chair over there ok” “NO!!!!! I want it now,Tom shouted

Tom's uncle was holding the bag of food. Tom grabbed the bag and ran off with it. They ran and tried to catch Tom. Latus Aunty catched Tom and gave him a slap but then they have lost the curvy path sabrina said “No were lost” Skye and Sabrina started crying. Tom's uncle said “Stop crying were not lost”.

Latus Aunty remember that she brang a cell phone. She called the police to come and find them. The police came and found them with a helicopter. The helicopter came down and lift them into the helicopter. The police said “Hey what were you doing down there” Tom’s uncle said “We were going to Lake Waihonu” the police said
“It's ok we can take you there” “Thank you” said Tom's Uncle..

Finally they arrived to the lake and had some lunch. They stayed there for 2 hours then they went back to their house. Then they lived happily ever after. THE END

Walt: combine the tools we have learnt to write a narrative of our own.

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